How do I register for the Seattle IT Pro User Group (SITPUG)?
You can join the User Group by registering with us to become a member.
What are the requirements for joining the User Group?
The only requirement is that you need to register with the User Group. There are no other requirements. Anyone interested in learning about Microsoft products and technologies may join the User Group.
What are the benefits of becoming a member?
Membership has several advantages. Members will be able to attend the meetings and take advantage of other benefits, such as specials, giveaways, and drawings. Membership can also provide access to certain contents on our Web site that is not available to the public. In addition, members will be able to take advantage of specials and promotions offered by our sponsors and have the opportunity to network with other IT professionals and industry experts.
Is there a membership fee for joining the User Group?
No. Currently there are no membership dues.
I am changing careers and therefore very new to the Information Technology (IT). Is this User Group appropriate for me?
Definitely. Whether you are an experienced network administrator, an IT Manager, a student at a local school, or a new comer to IT, you will find lots of useful information and resources by joining our group. You will also have the opportunity to network with other IT professionals in the industry. Even if you are an MCT or more experienced professional, you will get a chance to listen to and learn from Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Program Managers, and other subject matter experts with vast knowledge and experience.
Are User Group meetings mandatory?
No, attending User Group meetings is voluntary. However, we do ask that you RSVP us so we know how many members are expected at each meeting and can properly facilitate the meetings.
What if I no longer wish to be a member?
Just send us a message using the Contact Form and we will completely delete your name and other contact information from our database. Whether its joining or leaving SITPUG, we make sure the process is easy for our members.
Where can I find information about the upcoming meetings?
The Events Calendar has all the details about the upcoming events. You will also find the upcoming events listed in the right hand column on each page. And if that’s not enough, the countdown timer on each page will remind you exactly how much time is left before the next meeting will start.
Can I join the User Group but not be on the mailing list?
No. According to the Terms of Use, if you join SITPUG then you agree to have your email address added to our mailing list. As a registered member you will receive administrative emails and meeting notifications. You may also receive information on special deals, discounts, or promotional offers from our sponsors or third-party vendors, but they are very rare.
I missed the last meeting. Can I get the PowerPoint presentation?
The presentations are available under Resources from the main menu on the SITPUG’s Web site.
Can I bring a friend or a colleague with me to attend the SITPUG meeting?
Yes, you are welcome to bring friends or colleagues to the meeting. Keep in mind that in order to attend the meetings, one needs to be a registered member. If your friends are not registered members, they may be able to register at the door. However, to avoid disappointment we suggest that they register online before they come to the meeting.
Where can I find the directions to the SITPUG meeting location?
The map and directions to the User Group meeting location are available on Directions page.
Is there free parking at the meeting place?
Our meetings are held at the Lincoln Square Center in Bellevue, WA. You have to pay for the parking in the underground parking garage if you leave before 8:00 PM. However, our meetings are usually over at 7:45 PM. This gives you enough time to get to the parking exit by 8:00 PM. The parking garage is open at that time so you don’t have to pay at the exit, but if you need to leave earlier you can have the receptionist validate your parking stub either when you sign in, or when you leave.
Do you have a presence on social media?
Yes. We are on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
I have a question that is not answered here. How do I contact the User Group?
Please use the Contact Form to submit your inquiries. Include your phone number for a quicker response.